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Ron Kauffman

worked 6-years as host of live talk radio shows producing more than 600 live programs dealing with boomers and seniors concerning issues of health, wealth and lifestyle.  His weekly podcasts continue on the Internet on his website.

Today, Ron consults with seniors and adult children of aging parents on many aspects of aging, and is the author of the book Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease. 


An American History Lesson

By Ron Kauffman – (email: )



The Muslim population in America and western North Carolina is increasing, and there’s a concern about the intentions of these immigrants as we face ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah and others Muslim extremists throughout the world.


Our current military encounters with Muslims are not our first. Our history of conflicts with Muslims goes back over 250-years.  In the 1700’s, prior to the American Revolution, America, as a British Colony, engaged in commerce via our ships on the high seas with virtual impunity from attacks by the Muslim pirates of Northern Africa.  The reason was because the British Navy was tasked with protecting all of Britain’s colonial interests from attacks on the world’s oceans.


All that began to change when on July 4th, 1776, the American colonies gave notice to their protector, King George, for grievances specified in the Declaration of Independence, and broke the shackles that bound them to a tyrannical king and Great Britain. The Revolutionary War started in 1775 with the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and continued until 1783 when the Treaty of Paris formally ended the war. A Constitutional Convention was called in 1787, and later that year, the Constitution of the United States was adopted.


The colonies had their Continental Navy, but it was made up entirely of volunteer civilians and had previously relied upon the British Navy for the majority of its protection against the Barbary Pirates.

After the Revolutionary War ended, American ships at sea were no longer protected by the British Navy, and came under assault by the Muslim pirates of the Mediterranean.


In March 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli's Muslim ambassador.  When Jefferson and Adams enquired "…concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury…" the ambassador of Tripoli replied stating, “…it was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every Muslim who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.” That was one challenge the newly formed states of America faced.


For the next 15-years, the United States paid the required ransom to the Barbary pirates to buy protection. It wasn’t until 1798 that the Continental Navy, previously disbanded after the end of the Revolutionary War, was formally reestablished with the creation of the Department of the Navy.


In April of 1801, just prior to Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration as President, Congress passed legislation authorizing 6-Navy frigates be placed under the direction of the president to protect US merchant ships and to sink pirate ships wherever they could be found.


Immediately upon Jefferson’s inauguration, the Pasha, or leader of Tripoli demanded that the United States pay him $225,000 as protection money for their merchant ships. President Jefferson refused, and in May of 1801, the Pasha declared war on the United States.




The Barbary War (1801–1805), was the first of two wars fought between the United States and the Barbary States. The war was fought because as president, Thomas Jefferson refused to pay the high tributes demanded by the Barbary States. It was the first military conflict authorized by Congress that the United States fought on foreign land and seas. It was not to be our last Muslim conflict.


Today, you and I are again standing on a similar threshold of history, but this time, it’s partially the result of a little known immigration plan, called The Refugee Act. Under President Obama, in 2014 over 70,000 Arabic-speaking Muslims, most from Syria, were given asylum in America and settled in 190-cities around our nation. Most of those were Sunni Muslims, and that’s important to know because it is from the Sunnis that we got Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS – groups that call for “Death to America.”


Does that mean that all the Muslim immigrants are terrorists?  Of course not, but some no doubt are. Among both former and newer immigrants are many “moderate” Muslims who wish to lead good and peaceful lives among us.  But their religion of Islam has two faces.


If carefully followed, the Qur’an requires its true followers to instill and follow Sharia law, and to seek out kafir - non-believers - and force them to accept Islam, pay a severe tax or be killed. To accomplish these goals the Qur’an permits lying, known as “taqiyya” and “kitman” to accomplish their goals.  These forms of lying to non-believers are to advance the cause of Islam and gain their trust to create a vulnerability that will enable them to be defeated.


Where are the moderate Muslims among us? We, as tolerant Americans invite them to stand with us. We ask that they peacefully assimilate into our communities, learn our language, moderate the interpretation of the many violent passages of the Qur’an, and publicly denounce those who are against non-believers and the radicals who support a stealth jihad and the implementation of Sharia.


While we do not ask Muslims to give up the good and peaceful traditions of their culture, we demand the right to retain our identity as Americans of many cultures and religions. To achieve this we must proactively take steps to assure that our nation carefully monitors its immigration program and strongly demands both an acceptance of our laws and a willingness to assimilate into our culture while clinging, as other cultures do, to only the peaceful traditions of their Islamic religion.


Today’s battle appears to be shaping up as one for our national identity and the right to be and remain the Americans we are. With this stealth immigration program it is fair to ask: Is this truly immigration, or is it colonization with its goal being the destruction of the American system? Can we sit idly by to await the results of the coming battle? We cannot. America’s survival may depend on it.