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April Riddle

April Riddle 

ACT 9/23/13

Letters to the Editor New DHHS hire caught in crosshairs of liberal media
ere we go again. Margaret “Mardy” Peal, newly hired DHHS employee, is the latest victim caught in the crosshairs of the liberal media.

Peal is being criticized for being a stay at home mom, pro-life advocate and conservative. As women, we should be outraged. See, we’ve already fought this fight. We have the choice to stay home with our children or go into the workforce. We can advocate for the unborn. We can support and vote for the candidates of our choice. The implication from the media is that conservative, Christian women have no place in state government. I take offense to that. We’ve earned our place and can fill it very well, thank you.

Had Peal been liberal and pro-abortion, we would have never seen her name in print. The war on women seems to be coming from the left, and it must cease. 

April Riddle, Mars Hill