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Bart McPherson

Bart McPherson

ACT 10/2/13

Asheville charitable – except toward conservatives?

recent article in the AC-T congratulates Asheville on being named among the 10 most charitable cities in America. There is little doubt this is correct in the sense intended. Asheville is truly a city of fine people, educated, refined, and with charity for all — except for conservatives/Republicans.

To read the Opinion pages on most days is to cause one to cringe at the hostile, even openly vicious comments made toward conservatives and their political stances. Can this be me and my family these comments are aimed at? Can I/we be as vicious and hateful toward our government and country as we are painted up to be?

I personally know a lot of conservative people and not one of them could be construed by reasonable people to be as rabid as we are collectively made out to be.

It would be well to point out that roughly one half of this great country is conservative. Perhaps a bit of charity would be helpful in trying to understand where our fellow citizens are coming from and, possibly, a charitable outlook could help to moderate our politicians. After all, politicians do listen to their constituents whether they follow their wishes or not. 

Bart McPherson, Glenville 


ACT 9-20-16

Congratulations to you for having the good sense to have John Boyle on your staff. 

 His article on the Trump gathering Asheville is a masterpiece of good and well balanced reporting of an event. It clearly established that the demonstrators were there to disrupt, irritate, and insult those innocents who merely came to hear Trump.

Your two front page articles, on the other hand, surely represent a low point in a profession that is already setting records for ultra-biased reportage. Fully three quarters of the two articles were dedicated to the proposition that the rally was saturated with violence when, in actual fact, the violence was minimal in view of the provocation.

Trump’s remarkable composure in the face of such deliberate provocations was matched only by the composure of those who came to hear a presidential aspirant make a speech.

Your pandering to the crowd of miscreants who came only to disrupt and prevent attendees from hearing Trump is despicable, to put the best face on your behavior.

Bart McPherson, Glenville