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Bernard Gaynor

ONE of the Australian Defence Force’s most controversial figures who has criticised LGBTI inclusion in the force has been given his marching orders following a directive by the former Chief General David Hurley.

The former Queensland candidate for the Katter’s Australian Party, Bernard Gaynor, was told of his dismissal from the ADF via a letter from General Hurley as one of his final acts as Chief on June 30.

In the letter General Hurley states that Gaynor’s commission has been terminated because the questionable manner in which he expressed his fervent Christian beliefs was inconsistent with ADF policies.

Gaynor has also been a vocal homophobic and transphobic detractor of ADF efforts to promote LGBTI inclusion and equality amongst its members. Most notably, Gaynor led a campaign to stop any ADF involvement with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, something he has likened to child abuse.