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Bob Hinkel

Bob Hinkel 

T-News 12/4/13

Brainwashed Dems 

To the editor:
 Under the heading of “Reality Check,” Mr. Mike Thomas touched upon the possibility that some letter writers just might have been brainwashed, and he asked the question, “Do you think these tea party robots were all programmed in Fox News fantasyland?”

Mr. Thomas, do you believe President Barack Obama did not know anything about the Benghazi affair, the Fast and Furious Operation, the IRS group targeting, the NSA spying affair, and other events during the time they were happening?

I believe that is what Obama has indicated to the public through his official mouthpiece, Mr. Jay Carney. If your answer is yes, then do you also believe he is the most under informed president we have in recent times? Since I have never read of any Democrats criticizing the president in this newspaper, I can only assume you are all of much the same mindset.

So tell me this: What do you folks call your robotically induced programming? Is it “Maddow’s Madness” or perhaps “Harp a Ton with Sharpton?” Well, whatever you call it — it does seem to be working quite effectively!