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Chad Nesbitt

Chad Nesbitt 

ACT 11/15/13

More thoughts on Boyle’s take on Franklin Graham
ecently my favorite columnist, John Boyle, wrote an article titled, “Is Franklin Graham sullying Billy’s legacy?” Boyle wrote, “What troubles me with the Graham empire is the direction in which Franklin Graham has taken it and the way he at times appears to be using his father to promote a conservative political agenda, such as the full-page newspaper ads touting traditional marriage during the Amendment One argument.” I beg to differ. The Billy Graham Association has never changed in its direction. It has always been about leading people to the word of God. Boyle must have forgotten that it was the Democrats at their national convention, in Billy Graham’s home town of Charlotte, that booed God and wanted the word God stricken from their platform. Boyle must have forgotten that it is the Democrats that believe in abortion of which Billy Graham is against. Boyle must have forgotten it is the Democrats that push the gay agenda which is against the word of God. The direction of the Billy Graham Association has never changed. What has changed is the direction of the Democratic Party. 

Chad Nesbitt, Asheville