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Daniel Henninger


was born in Cleveland.[1] He is a graduate of Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

He serves as the Deputy Editorial Page Director of the Wall Street Journal and a Fox News contributor. He also writes a column named "Wonder Land" which appears every Thursday.[2][3][4] In the 1980s he wrote most of theJournal's editorials on drug regulation.[5] He is a frequent guest on the Saturday Fox News show Journal Editorial Report in which he discusses current issues with fellow editorial page writers and guests. (A transcript of the discussion appears on the following Monday.)

He won the George Loeb Award for commentary in 1985, the 1995 American Society of Newspaper Editors' Distinguished Writing Award for editorial writing and the 1997 National Journalism Award for editorial writing. He shared in the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting.