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Delores Nuss

Common Core 

To the editor:
 At the October Henderson County Board of Education meeting, Susan Miehl delivered informative material on Common Core. 

People are under the impression that it is just a standard to judge the student’s aptitude. Our children are being treated as guinea pigs, having no one to evaluate their true ability. 

According to the Western Center for Journalism, “Common Core” is the Marxist brainwashing of our schoolchildren. It has been implemented in Henderson County, and it is up us to stop it. Most teachers are not in favor of this curriculum but are forced to teach it or lose their jobs. 

Thank you, Susan, for the message that you conveyed to others. It was favorably received by some. 

As taxpayers, we are entitled to know where our tax dollars go and how our children are educated. Parents must keep alert as to what is being taught in school. We need more support to stop this teaching