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Arthur Raynolds

Lake Toxaway, NC


Downhearted Democrats


Recently many groups gathered for their “cry-in” after the election.  Remember back in the 70‘s and 80‘s when the Carters and Clintons were elected?  Republicans were as disappointed as you were this time.  We didn’t riot in the streets, burn or drag people out of their cars as some democrats have done.  We just became the “silent majority!”  

With Donald Trump ready to become our 45th President, we rose up, millions went to the polls as never before.  Democrats failed to vote because of their poor choice of candidate.  We believed that Trump was the leader that America needed.

It’s not just the democrats fault; both parties have been gradually eroding our Constitutional liberties.  What frightened us most this time was Hillary’s plan for a one world government; to invite the UN to disarm America; to increase immigration and embrace open borders.  We saw Trump as the candidate to reverse these trends.  Trump is not perfect, but he can’t be bought and he loves America.  So when you have gotten over your pity party, come join us to Make America Great Again!


Arthur Raynolds