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Please take a moment to peruse the articles below regarding current economic developments, economic philosophy and interesting research papers written by conservative economists. 




Stanley Fischer's Well-Timed Fed Exit - Mises Institute

What About Fiscal Affairs? - Hendersonville Times

The Breaking Point & Death of Keynes - ZeroHedge

If Sweden and Germany Became U.S States, They Would Be Among the Poorest States - Mises Institute

America's Pension Bomb: Illinois Is Just the Start - ZeroHedge

100 Years After the Bolshevik Revolution, Communism Hasn't Changed - National Interest

Seattle's Do-Gooders Just Shot Themselves in the Foot - AEI

Unhealthy Spending Is the Real Disease - Daily Progress

Seattle's Painful Lesson on the Road to a $15 Minimum Wage - Bloomberg View

Feel Good Politics - Blue Ridge Now

How Immigration Is Changing the Swedish Welfare State - The Economist

Sanders Continues to Not Pay His Interns a Living Wage - The Washington Free Beacon

You're Hired: Trump Plans to Build U.S Workforce with Apprenticeships - Wall Street Journal

Universal Basic Idiocy - Investor's Daily Business

More Solar Jobs Is a Curse, Not a Blessing - Mises Institute

Trump Bids Paris Adieu - Wall Street Journal

"Prime Pumping" Won't Create Wealth - Mises Institute

Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela? - Mises Institute

The Minimum Wage Eats Restaurants - Wall Street Journal

The Economic School You've Never Heard of - Epoch Times

The Killer Philosophy of Collectivism - Daily Progress

Oh, Good, It's 2016 and We're Still Arguing Whether Marxism Works - New York Magazine

Venezuelan Crisis is Due to Economic Ignorance - American Thinker

What Caused Venezuela's Collapse? - Investor's Daily Business

Why Do People Become Communists and Stick with It? - FEE

Tax Cuts for the Rich? - Real Clear Politics

It's the Prosperity Stupid - Wall Street Journal

You Are Richer than John D. Rockefeller - FEE

What the Equality Crusaders Don't Understand - Mises Institute

Libertarianism Needs to Become More Realistic - Forbes

Greed of the New Progressives - Richmond Times

Why The U.S Is Still Richer Than Every Other Large Country - Harvard Business Review

General Motors Says Venezuelan Authorities Illegally Seized Its Auto Plant - Business Insider

Do You Want Reagan's Economy Or Obamas? - Wall Street Journal

Free Healthcare Will Be an Expensive Right

The Cuomo College Fiasco - New York Times

Myth Busted: Taxpayers Are Not Subsidizing Wal-Mart's Low Wages - Investor's Business Daily

Outlaw Economics - The Economist

U.S College Debt Bubble Is Becoming Dangerous - FT

How Chavez and Maduro Have Impoverished Venezuela - The Economist

The Second Original Sin of Healthcare Regulation - The Grumpy Economist

Poor Definition of Income Inequality - Daily Progress

After Studying Basic Economics, Mayor Vetoes Minimum Wage Increase- FEE

If First You Didn't Succeed, Try an M.B.A - Wall Street Journal

How Trump Could Win the Currency War - Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe

Thomas Piketty Pens Communist Manifesto for 21st Century - Forbes

Seeking the Cure for American Economic Sclerosis - Bloomberg View

Brexit Brings Power Back to U.K - Daily Progress

Capitalism Shrinks Inequality. In Fact, It's Already Doing It - Bloomberg View

Only Markets Can Win the War on Poverty - Foundation for Economic Education

Government Action with Naive Expectations

The Quest for Optimal International Monetary System - Ludwig von Mises Institute - Europe

Trump's Budget a First Step Toward De-Politicizing Science - Mises Institute

Conservatives Cannot Become Complacent - Greenville Online

Government Failure vs. Market Failure

Trump's Plan to Bring Back Manufacturing Isn't Crazy

Milton Friedman on Freedom - John Taylor

Addicted to Dollars - Project-Syndicate

Left's Ideology Doesn't Match Fiscal Reality - Daily Progress

Hayek on Fake News - Mises Institute

A Brief Guide to Kevin Hassett, Trump's New Chief Economist - Vox

When Governments Act, Unintended Consequences Follow - Mises Institute

Trump's Fed Can Start a Central Bank Revolution - Bloomberg View

America Needs a New Milton Friedman - Bloomberg View

How America's Border Adjusted Corporate Tax Would Work? - The Economist 

Economics Gets a Presidential Demotion - Bloomberg View

Donald Trump Is the Least of Latin-America's Worries - Mises Institute

What's Next for the Trump Market Rally? - El-Erian

Pence Hires Libertarian Calabria as a Chief Economist - Politico

Universal Basic Income "Useless" Says Finland's Biggest Union - Independent

The Alluring Falsehood of Socialism - FEE

The Global Economy's Surprising Resilience - Project-Syndicate

VIX Is Down, Again, Or the Show So Far - Marginal Revolution

Denmark's Nice, Yes, But the Danes Live Better in the U.S. - Tyler Cowen

What's Behind the Gender Wage Gap Myth - Mises Institute

Trump Isn't All Wrong About Currency Manipulation - Bloomberg View

The Working Class & Globalization - George W. Bush Institute

Is the Deflation Cycle Over? - Project Syndicate

Money Supply Growth Moderated in December - Mises Institute

Can Trump Rid the Risk of Deflation?

Bloomberg View - You Won't Believe What's Driving the Economy

Tim Duy's Fed Watch - FOMC Employment Report

Taxation: Involuntary & Ineffective

Venezuelan Leaders Ignore Reality - The Economy Is Collapsing Because of Government

Keynesian Economics without the Consumption Function

John Cochrane on Corporate Tax- Make It Zero

Trump's Economic Approach Starts to Take Shape

4% Growth Era for the Taking

America's Dwindling Economic Freedom

Another Defective IMF study on Inequality and Redistribution

Capitalism and its discontents

Lesszek Balceowicz named 2014 Friedman Prize Winner

Glitz, Glamor, and Giveaways

How to Keep Poor People Poor

How to Trick the Guilty and Gullible into Revealing Themselves

IMF Warns Inequality is a Drag on Growth

Obama's Stimulus

Piketty fever

Review of the Panama City Metro Project

Rich States, Poor States

Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich

The cost of Socialism

The future of jobs

The Myth of "Trickle-Down Economics"

The value of Leasure time

U.S. Lost $11.2 B on GM Bailout

We are in the Post-Industrial Economy