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Eddie Harwood

Eddie Harwood 

ACT 10/28/13

Appreciates Meadows standing up for America
s a Democrat, it may sound strange to thank Republican Congressman Meadows, but with everything going on in D.C., I am thankful WNC has one representative who stood up for solid, independent values. Obamacare will not work. They know it. Most of us are screwed by it. The Democrat’s goal is single-payer; take out insurance companies and force us to depend on government. It’s true. In my opinion, the liberal so called “progressives” want one class — not wealthy; not middle — they want us all poor and dependent on “Daddy Government.” We allow lies, bleeding hearts, and Santa to cloud our vision of what America stands for — freedom to succeed, which also means freedom to fail. Thank God for failure. It breeds deep, gut-digging desire to do better. History has proven it. My business is mine. If I succeed or fail, I am the one who bears all the risk. I value the ability to be independent and make my own choices. Thank you Mark Meadows for having the guts to vote the values of WNC, and more importantly, of Americans. This is one Democrat who appreciates your hard work. 

Eddie Harwood, Barnardsville