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Informational Links



Education Reform

A 20-Year lesson

A Sober Look at Education Reform in NC

A Very Disturbing Video

A Wnning Recipe

Abysmal results

Alan Rosenfeld

As Little Boys and Girls Learn

ATP Common Core Resources

Charter-School Fight Flares Up In Illinois

Clueless bureaucrates

Combating Bad Science

Common Core an uncommonly bad idea

Common core Doesen't Add Up

Common Core End Game

Common Core Treats Students Like soulless Widgets

Dan Forest on Common Core

Defining the "Government-Education Complex"

Developing Core Values

Ditch the Money Myth

Donating the Voucher

Downsize the Department of Education

Education in California

Education Math Scores

Education Schools to Blame for Poor Education Outcomes

Education Standards

Extreme Couponng

Getting to the Core of the Public School Standards Debate

Head Start Final Report

Here’s how to raise NC teacher pay

Higher Education, Not what it used to be

House Bill 944 "Opportunity Scholarship Act"

How Much Does it Cost to Educate a High School Graduate in Your County

If At First You Don't Succeed, Hide the Evidence

Much Better Schools on Much Lower Budgets

Pre-K: Not So "Empirically Validated"

Public Schools Battle Map

Reflections not always flattering

Shaking Up the Classroom

State Education Trends

Teaching Mathematics

The Surprising Probability Gurus Wearing Diapers

Top of the Class

Vision Plan for Public Education in Alamance County

What Makes you YOU!