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Andrew West

Writer for patriot Update


Fake News Undeniability a Product of the Left


‚ÄčThe biggest buzzwords in the world of political punditry this month have been “fake news”, or the idea that Americans are consuming either completely false or planted stories through social media.

It all began when the democrats lost the 2016 election, even after rigging their own primaries to nominate Hillary Clinton; a woman who was considered a shoe-in for the presidency by the oblivious leftists and their cadre of news organizations, despite her long and tumultuous history of corruption, deceit, collusion, and downright criminality.

The entire concept of fake news and clickbait was invented by the left.

When Donald Trump trounced the former first lady, the left needed a scapegoat.  At first, they turned to Russia, blaming them for the leaked email information that badgered their candidate throughout the late months of the arduous election.  That cockamamy scheme was quickly debunked by sound reasoning and the words of Julian Assange himself, who had been working diligently to release that information.

Then, the left, spurred on by gargantuan internet entity Google, began propagating a completely frivolous and absurd concept that social media had been overtaken by something they were dubbing “fake news”.  At first, “fake news” was a simple concept; those on the left believed that conservative media outlets were spinning every single story their way, and thus, labeling them as “fake”.  Of course, the duality of the news media allows even the most simple of mind to understand just how oxymoronic and circular this argument actually is.

Once that excuse started falling apart, the mainstream media, obviously influenced by the globalists and leftist of America, began to spread an insane rumor that Russia was infiltrating American media outlets, planting these “fake news” stories for conservative platforms to pick up and run with.  The idea was asinine, and has once again been quickly scuttled.

Now, why would the left be so keen to began the ugly name-calling tirade surrounding “fake news”?  Well, that’s because the left invented  “fake news”.

“Certainly the history of the news media is rife with ‘fake news.’ Media veracity has been problematic since the day after Guttenberg invented the printing press! The early days of our republic were awash with sensationalist newspapers casting aspersions on political foes and reporting salacious stories that were often exaggerated if not outright false. But in the modern era, the “fake news” is a thorough invention of liberals.

“For instance, the liberal media spent the entirety of the existence of the Soviet Union purposefully refusing to tell the truth about the Soviet’s murderous record of death and oppression. In fact, the lefty media even awarded itself a Pulitzer Prize for lies when The New York Times’ Walter Duranty was given the award for his shameless shilling for the Soviets in the 1930s.

“The most obvious example of the left’s modern penchant to push fake news goes back at least to the Vietnam War when liberals like Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, and Chet Huntley and David Brinkley convinced America that the U.S. military was losing the war and that our troops did nothing but course through the country murdering women and babies.

“And don’t forget that two of the Old Media’s most famous TV News anchors, Dan Rather and Brian Williams, were both fired because of their constant lies on the air.”

The lesson here has a lot to do with tradition and trending; with the ebb and flow of the yearly news cycle.  In a year where the democrats and their leftist cohorts took one on the chin, they have been forced to resort to buzzwords, cute phrasing, and bombastic commentary to shirk their own responsibility.  The democrats rigged their own elections, mind you, and they are now blaming that on the freedom of speech and the diversity of media in this nation founded on the notion of liberty.

No, the left does not want you reading this piece.  They’d like to be the ones controlling their own version of “fake news”.

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