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Anthony Jeric

GOP’s Keystone Kops 

To the editor:
 The Republicans will lose because they allowed the media to ask the questions and set the rules for the debates. In the end, there were no rules.

The candidates should have debated Hillary Clinton’s leadership of her agency, which told America the video lie for days after she had already told Chelsea the truth about Benghazi. They should have debated their competence in handling classified information in contrast to Hillary’s and how they would protect our country better than Hillary protected our Benghazi consulate. They should have debated the drawbacks of the Obama/ Hillary approach to the government and economy vs. the inherent superiority of limited government, rule of law and a free market.

All we got were candidates shooting each other and wasting millions in the process instead of saving their powder for Hillary. Who is going to contribute to a party run by the Keystone Kops?

The country has fallen to a new low. Apparently in November, we will choose between two habitually lying, bullying, self-serving and imperious progressive insiders. President Hillary will then strike a giant blow for gender equality by demonstrating how plausible it is for the Antichrist to be female. 

Anthony Jeric