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George Will

George Will writes for Newsweek. Reach him at 


George Will

A Day of Reckoning for Authoritism

List of 2015's Ludicrousness

A presidential address we'll never hear

All we've done is buy a little time

Americans lose their zeal for death penalty

Another Side Stepping of the Law

Are we witnessing Cold War's final episode?

Bending Law as Means To An End

Beware of the IRS' heavy hand

Bootleggers and Baptists often collaborate

Can government force citizens' congeniality?

Climate change is real (and always has been)

Congress is increasingly superfluous

Consumers Fail to Embrace Gesture Liberalism

Court should affirm individuald liberty

Delivery of higher ed needs to change

Don't look for the IRS to retreat

Education should belong to states

Fantasy betting catches fed's eye

Government is full of sneaky little subsidies

Greeks say bail us out ... but on our terms

Have we broken our criminal justice system?

Here's a rock solid reason for term limits

High court is legislating, not judging

High court takes on progressivism again

Higher Education is a House Divided

Hillary may not be so formidable

If Trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the Conservative Party

IRS Director should be impeached

IRS pattern of corruption is clear

It's really a great time to be a Liberal

Judge rejects government intimidation

Justice blocks path to better way

Language Police are at it again

No cupcake shall escape its wrath

Now-destitute city pillaged its people

Obama misreads Putin — and history

Obama was never weighting the pipeline

Obama's imitation of Ceasar could help GOP

Our commander is all "a-Twitter"

Our government continues to breed inequality

Our Navy represents our destiny

Path to government was long

Pork will flow unimpeded in Mississippi

President Arms Himself

Progressives are in a stew over inversion

Prudence is quite often our best medicine

Pruitt's taking on federal overreach

Putin's words are far from reassuring

Scalia: A jurist of immense consequence

So much for nimble Fed and its ‘tiller’

Some Illumination Lessons

There's no place for the state in campaigns

They're "defining down" the US Economy

This bank has Congress in its hip pocket

This Unionization Scheme is Unconstitutional

Time for a constitutional convention

Trying to 'improve' the First Amendment

Unchecked Power Gets Called Out

We benefit from income inequality

We need a "Conservative Internationalist"

Welfare state has grown massive

What congressional Republicans should do now

Where has LBJ's "Great Society" Led us?

We're all guilty of something these days