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Anthony Jeric

Greatly exaggerated 

To the editor:
 The “green” sentiments expressed in Dawn Kucera’s March 12 column are based on false doctrines.

The belief that man-made CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change is central to “green” energy theology. Affordable fossil fuel energy must, therefore, be banished and forcibly replaced prematurely by erratic, subsidized, poverty-generating, “green” energy. Real science has demolished the junk science behind this theology.

Model runs, without CO2 increases, produced a cooling trend instead of the warming trend. Instead of admitting knowledge deficiencies, the omission of CO2 increases was assumed to explain the discrepancy. The fallacy of this junk science has been continuously demonstrated by the gross overstatement of climate model temperature predictions since 1988.

Clearly then, the influence of CO2 increases on temperature, and hence climate, has been greatly exaggerated as has the knowledge of climate. Faith, not science, claims that failed climate models represent truth.

The CO2 climate catastrophe fallacy is just the beginning. Whistleblowing scientists and data analysts have also found that claims regarding increased storms, droughts, polar melting, sea rises, endangered polar bears, unnatural warming rates and scientific consensus have been grossly exaggerated. Why? Because climate science has become political science. 

Anthony Jeric