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Henri Erti

Henri was born in Soviet Estonia, but grew up in Finland learning first hand how socialist ideas destroy the moral compass of a society through intellectually corrupt economic ideas.  His main focus is in macroeconomics and political economy.  He currently resides in Greenville SC.

B.A in Business & Organizational Leadership - Brevard College, N.C
M.A in International Political Economy - Dubrovnik International University, Croatia
Series 7

Greenville, SC

Economic Policy:                                                              Politics:                                                              Foreign Affairs:

Macroeconomics:                                                                      Future of Conservatism:

4% Growth Era for the Taking 
Instabilities in the International Monetary System                 Conservatives Cannot Become Complacent               Iran's Trojan Horse To U.S.
Missing Inflation                                                                      Rebranding the GOP                                                  Estonia in NATO - Cost & Benefit Analysis
Can Trump Rid the Risk of Deflation?                                      Underachieving President
Sluggish Growth Is Here to Stay                                              Free Healthcare Isn't Free
Euro as De Facto Global Currency?                                          Feel Good Politics - Paris Accords 
Euro Is a Common Liability                                                      Taxation - Involuntary & Ineffective
Is Estonia the Euro-Dream? 
EMU Dilemma - Fixit or "Fixit"



Poor Definition of Income Inequality  
Liberals Offer Unsound Wealth Narrative
The Greed of the New Progressives
Left's Ideology Doesn't Match Fiscal Reality 
Childhood Education in Transylvania County
4% Growth Era for the Taking - Competitive Education System

Labor Markets:

Jobless Benefits Can Backfire on the Economy
Democrats Ignore Wage Platform Problems
Young, Educated, Motivated and Unemployed