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Herbert London


was born in Brooklyn, New York circa 1939 and attended Columbia University, graduating in 1960. Standing 6'5", he was drafted by the Syracuse Nationalsof the National Basketball League, but did not play for them because of injuries. He was a social studies secondary school teacher and obtained his doctorate atNew York University in 1966. His daughter is Stacy London, formerly the host of the TV show What Not to Wear and current host of Love, Lust, or Run.

London is the former John M. Olin Professor of Humanities at New York University. There he was responsible for creating the Gallatin School of Individualized Studyin 1972 and was its dean until 1992. This school was organized to promote the study of "Great Books" and classic texts.

President of Hudson Institute from 1997 until 2011, London is currently President Emeritus.[3] Dr. London was one of the judges for Human Events' Ten Most Harmful Books of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. After this list was compiled, London gave an interview about the list, his selections and the judges.[4]

In February 2013, London joined the Board of Advisors of the Coalition to Reduce Spending.[5