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Jerome and Pat Peters

Marion NC

It appears that we are standing silent during evil times



My answer to Melanie Bateman’s Dec. 10 guest commentary, “Is it possible to turn back the terrorclock?”

No, it is not possible to turn back the terror clock. As in the history of Adolf Hitler’s evil program against the Jewish people, Gypsies and many others. It takes time, years, for such evil events to reach their highs and then for others to wake up to stop it. Look at the number of people killed in World War II, up to 100 million lost, and the trillions in dollars of damage.

Now, we have a nationwide war in the U.S. against Christians and their lifestyle and the freedoms and liberties found in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That war is now nearly worldwide and in many places very sadistically done. The shame of shames about it is, as of yet, the church leadership says basically nothing, does nothing, saying to the perpetrators “go ahead, we won’t stand in your way or against your evil ways.”

There is a very true saying – if you do not stand against evil it means you are condoning it; if you don’t give a hoot the evil can only get worse.

Some of the statements our nation’s leader have insinuated that Christians, veterans and anti-abortionists are terrorist threats (May 2009 for one example).

Our nation has now turned against Israel, wanting Israel to go back to the 1967 borders. Now, we are getting into God’s word about such things. Our nation wants Israel to divide Jerusalem now, which God says will bring curses upon such a move against Israel.

Another bad thing promoting this whole rotten mess our nation finds itself in is the majority in Congress and our U.S. Senate, the Republicans, are helping to bring on this evil by not standing against it. They are OK’ing the money for it and their vote. Case in point, the videos purportedly showing aborted human baby parts for sale.

How gruesome and evil is that?

Again, God’s word tells us, his people – Christians – are to be the salt of the earth and when the salt loses its savor (its preservative qualities) men will throw it out and trample it into the ground, as useless. Isn’t that where most of American Christianity now finds itself? Battle cry after battle cry, God allows to come upon the U.S.

stands against prayer in schools, the Ten Commandments, the Christmas nativity scene, the marriage amendment and more, but the Christian leadership never showed up for the battle.

God would have gave us the victory, but our side did not report for duty. How sad God must feel. How must our founding fathers feel about such behavior. In the battle for independence even some Christian leaders put their property and lives on the line to sound the alarm to battle. Now, the leaders won’t even write a letter or say something of importance to stop the evil or dig out the facts of what is going on, to tell their sheep or flocks.

So, the great majority of Christian leaders are dumbed down. They won’t even spread the word to pray for our nation, for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Look at the candidates for the Republican Party position for president.

They have all (like follow the leader game) reacted toward Donald Trump – oh how terrible he is for having the unpatriotic statement that Muslim immigrants shouldn’t be allowed into the U.S. Some even say he should apologize or drop out of the race. Wow. Our nation is on a self-induced suicide trip, and these meek little candidates are all falling in line condemning the leader because Trump is saying things that are true and bold, which they don’t have the guts or backbone to come up with, shaking up the compromised powers that be. Even the new Speaker of the Congress jumped on the condemnation.

There really is only one candidate for our next president who measures up in all areas and that is Dr. Ben Carson. He is a staunch Christian, but then we have prejudice come into play and politics returns to what we have now.

Our country going into the history books of self-destruction.

Only prayer power on a daily basis to the God of all creation can turn back the clock on terror. Join the Congressional Prayer Caucus (look it up on your computer) for our nation.

Jerome Peters lives in Marion.