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Andrew Riddle

Flat Rock NC
Past Chairman of the Henderson County Republican Party

It' a Matter of Policy

To the editor: You published a letter recently from a person with a name that typically identifies a female. The writer is offended because the House Bill 2 law in North Carolina would require Bruce Jenner — “complete with cleavage, miniskirt and high heels” — to use the men’s restrooms and showers, should he visit N.C.

So let me get this straight. The presumably female writer would prefer that Bruce — complete with unaltered male genitalia beneath his miniskirt — share the showers and bathrooms with her, her daughters, her granddaughters and other women and girls.

Let’s not confuse the difference of opinion with hate. I truly hope Jenner and other transgender people find happiness, but not at the expense of others’ bodily privacy. 

Andrew Riddle

Flat Rock