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Jesse Cuneo

Jesse Cuneo


ACT 2-11-13

In the1970s, there were at least two Marxist organizations that were working to overthrow the U.S. government. They were the Students for a Democratic Society and its more radical offshoot, the WeatherUnderground.

The Underground bombed government buildings. Some of those same people are supporters of our current president, and Bill Ayers actually helped with the launch of his political career in Illinois.

Ms. Poling (Jan. 31 guest commentary, “Of loyalty oaths and gun rights”) is quite correct in her understanding of the Second Amendment, with the exception of the word “overthrow.” The framers of the Bill Of Rights were clear in their writings about this amendment; that it was the people’s last “defense” against a tyrannical government and its standing army when all else has failed. There are already laws that prevent most civilians from owning what the military and police have without a rigorously obtained Class III license. As she and some other commenters have recently stated, our military is mighty in its weaponry. Our purpose as citizens is rather to stand beside our brothers and sisters who remain in uniform and remember their oath to the Constitution. 

When is it tyranny? 

Who decides when the government becomes tyrannical? Why, the government does. When leaders paint any opposing views as unthinking, uncaring and totally unworthy of consideration, dialogue is impossible. I am not afraid of conservatives, nor of liberal Democrats. We are the mix that makes our country live in balance. I am, however, very afraid of progressives on both sides of the aisle with their “collective” views, disdain for individual freedom except their own and tendency to know what is better for you than you do. Those of you with “liberal” views who have started calling yourselves progressives should research the history and goals of the movement. They are not very liberal.

Today we have academics who are proclaiming that “maybe it’s time we gave up some of our freedoms.” Some are even saying that we should abandon our Constitution because it is, after all, “200 years old,” as if principles actually become old. There seems to have been a campaign a few decades old to promote the idea that our form of government is a democracy, in which public opinion could be manipulated until a majority could just change our laws. Our form of government is a republic, where our democratically elected representatives are supposed to be governed by the supreme law of the land: the Constitution, whose Bill of Rights is a list of rights guaranteeing freedom from tyranny by the majority. 

Guns and deficits 

Add to that a public relations campaign by numerous politicians trying to tell us that the framers of the Constitution insisted on the Second Amendment for “hunting and sporting” purposes. An enterprising high school student could find the truth on the matter. The very real threat of economic collapse with the resulting chaos is also looming if we continue to grow our deficit. A lot of us not native to the mountains moved here for the peace and beauty away from the metropolitan centers where violence is common; however, gang activity associated with drugs is known in the area. It is enough to make us here in the middle who are paying attention wonder if we might actually have something to defend ourselves against. 

Jesse Cuneo is a semiretired nurse living a simple life with his wife and attempting to organize a mini-organic farm in Cullowhee to profitability.