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Kathy Rhodarmar

Kathy Rhodarmar



ACT 9/2/13

Ridiculous to suggest Republicans hate teachers
s leftist teacher’s groups run around like their hair’s on fire over the budget, let’s understand who’s really in charge of the money. The Legislature sets the base pay. Lump sums are appropriated to N.C. school systems.

Local governments always have the option to increase funding for teachers.

Need pay increases?

See your local school governing boards. What’s so galling is the hypocrisy of the teachers association, letting the Democrats slide as teacher pay was slashed and frozen during their tenure.

There were no street demonstrations around the state protesting those actions.

The nearly $400 million increase in education spending, and the small bump in teacher base pay of 1.2 percent last year is a sight better than what the Democrats did three years prior. With family members that were state employees, one being in the school system, I understand the pay concerns, but they understood the taxpayer coffers were not an endless funding source.

And other vital obligations, like Medicaid, have consumed an everincreasing share of revenue, with little budgetary wiggle room left.

But it’s patently ridiculous to suggest that Republicans hate teachers and education when so many Republicans have family members who work in the education system. 

Kathy Rhodarmer, Candler