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Arthur Raynolds

Lake Toxaway, NC


Letter to the Editor CDBG

    In reply to Robert Johnson's editorial, “America's Scrooge”, in the March 20 edition, of the T Times, conservatives are generally delighted that President Trump is keeping all of his campaign promises.  I understand why democrats tend to be upset with Trump.  They are following all the fake media news and are not used to an honest president...yet!   For most of us, its refreshing!  

   Now regarding Trump taking away funds for Meals on Wheels:   He's not!  Your crooked media has steered you wrong again!  What Trump has done is one step towards “draining the swamp,”  which is to eliminate the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).   The Meals on Wheels Program and the CDBG are different line items in the budget.  Cuts are to the "Federal Block Grants", not to the Meals on Wheels program (“Older Americans Act” which helps local communities).   While some communities do use some of their block grants to assist with their meals programs, the majority do not.   If you did the research, you would have learned that. Community Block Grants regularly fund pork-barrel and business-subsidy schemes with rampant cronyism that does little to help the communities as a whole.

Arthur Raynolds

Lake Toxaway