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Linda Harris-Olita

Womb to tomb not government’s job
itizens of North Carolina voted in a Republican governor. Cuts must be made to balance the budget. Not so many years ago we had a surplus.

The main purpose of the federal  government is to protect and defend its citizens, not unnecessary handouts to each state.

I have taught in several schools and districts. I had 35-40 children per year, no helpers, no tenure, no unions, but a love of learning and children.

Mutual respect went both ways. Some parents also have responsibility for school failure. They see no need to go from entitlement to responsible, self-confident, buck-stops-here households.

Education is the key. Academics should be the main job of every student. Play, sports and fun come as a reward.

We as a nation have lost our self-reliant spirit. We have become a country of takers, what’s in it for me and I deserve it.

We need to honor the best country in the world, thank every soldier and veteran, get to know our neighbors.

Blame can go to everyone. Let’s balance our economy, save what we can, spend only what we can afford to and be happy with what we have. Finally, don’t be afraid to say no. 

Linda Harris-Olita, Weaverville