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Lou Holtz

Retired American Football coach and active sportscasrer, author, and motivational speaker


Holtz has written or contributed to 10 books:

  • Holtz, Lou (1974). The Grass Is Greener. [The author]. OCLC 41773996.
  • Holtz, Lou; Dugan, Donald (1978). Holtz' Quotes. [s.l: s.n.] OCLC 4468721.
  • Holtz, Lou (1978). The Offensive Side of Lou Holtz. [s.l: s.n.] OCLC 4851306.
  • Holtz, Lou (1980). The Kitchen Quarterback. Little Rock, Arkansas: Parkin Prtng. Co. OCLC 6714133.
  • Holtz, Lou; Heisler, John (1989). The Fighting Spirit: A Championship Season at Notre Dame. New York: Pocket Books. ISBN 978-0-671-67673-5OCLC 20180739.
  • Holtz, Lou (1998). Winning Every Day: The Game Plan for Success. New York: HarperBusiness. ISBN 978-0-88730-904-5OCLC 39451210.
  • Holtz, Lou; Carpenter, Monte (2002). Quotable Lou: The Wit, Wisdom, and Inspiration of Lou Holtz, College Football's Most Colorful and Engaging Coach. Nashville, Tenn: TowleHouse Pub. ISBN 978-1-931249-18-8.OCLC 49942729.
  • Holtz, Lou (2002). A Teen's Game Plan for Life. Notre Dame, Ind: Sorin Books. ISBN 978-1-893732-53-7OCLC 49519284.
  • Alvarez, Barry; Lucas, Mike; Holtz, Lou; Patterson, James (2006). Don't Flinch: Barry Alvarez, the Autobiography : the Story of Wisconsin's All-Time Winningest Coach. Champaign, IL: KCI Sports Ventures. ISBN 978-0-9758769-7-8OCLC 71325993.
  • Holtz, Lou (2006). Wins, Losses, and Lessons: An Autobiography. New York: Wm. Morrow. ISBN 978-0-06-084080-8OCLC 65165505.