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Mark F. Cereceres

Warehouse Management is the bulk of my experience. My astute skills are in the areas of leading, organization, coaching, accuracy, visionary and negotiations. I passionately believe in world-class customer service. Finding creative ways to be more efficient and accurate weaves its way into the tapestry of my thinking throughout the day. Team-building and fostering cohesion, I believe, to be key to success for any business. 

Inter-department communication and good relationships are paramount to over-all successes. A break-down here can be a tension-building bottleneck.

I have organized, and designed warehouses to improve inefficiencies and curtail inaccuracies that were troublesome. I have installed procedures, and modified in-place procedures, to further enhance the warehousing processes. 

I have implemented bar-coding while assisting in the installation of new software programs. 

My daily goals in the workplace are to achieve accuracy, quality and quantity. 

Perpetually, I seek to self-educate in my field to stay fresh, and up-to-date. Being a visionary is helpful. As the business landscape evolves, so must I.

When you put the customer first, everything else follows. My employer and co-workers benefit when the customer is first. Without them, there would be no employer. 

I am ambitious, motivated. I have ideals. I enjoy working on cutting edge projects. Favoring “we' to the “I'. I'm not afraid of change. I'm not afraid of challenges. I have a passion for what I do. I'm not a fan of mediocrity. I'm not shy about rolling up my sleeves, getting dirty and making good things happen.