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Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson 

T-Times 8/8/13

Voters Are Misinformed

August 8, 2013 | Vol. 127-No. 63

Leslie Keir rightly calls for national campaign reform (Reader Opinion, July 22). However, I think the deeper problem with voting has to do with a lack of the same calm common sense thinking (e.g. The Federalist Papers) which ultimately helped produce our Constitution. Such a dialog is now almost impossible, however, due to all the political cross-purposes and favor-trading of men who think of their career rather than as the application of founding principles to public service. In both major parties there are American founding ideals to be extinct, framed in documents they think are old-fashioned.

American higher education is now largely corrupt. Leftist university professors teach blatant anti-Americanism, assigning, for example, imbalanced reading lists that lean far to the anti-American political left. They sometimes even openly ridicule the convictions of conservative students! As for high schools, see the late (best-selling!) Marxist author Howard Zinn’s grossly imbalanced textbook “A People’s History of the United States,” which paints America and her record as all-bad-and-no-good. Tainted education produces indoctrination, not education.

Then, there is the media (excluding Fox News). All the campaign reform we could imagine will not save us from the voters who believe what they have absorbed from the “alphabet wing” of the Democrat National Convention: NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC etc. We need a president like Ronald Reagan, who spoke with an iron spine and humble conviction, drowning out the loud voices of the media and academia. Citizens felt proud of their country under his leadership.

This country’s system of governance was formed only after the colonials had paid a great price in blood and suffering for freedom. They knew these principles and appreciated this price; but now, 226 years later, too many American voters have little or no grasp and appreciation of their own birthright. These so-called “low information voters,” don’t know what it means to say “I am an American.” The country will be no better off, even with campaign reform, until these uninformed or misinformed voters either begin staying home on election day, or else educate themselves.

Mike Gibson

Wingate, N.C.