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Mike McCarthy


Spending Us Into Higher Taxes? 

Connect the dots. In the April 25, 2013 T-Times story titled
"County Approves Money for Task Force" we learn that our
County Commissioners voted to spend $185,000 MORE for
Economic Development.  In today's April 29, 2013 T-Times story titled
"Budget Shortfall Now Stands at $4 Million" we learn that there

is a $4 million SHORTFALL in the county budget.  What is wrong

with this picture?  Our commissioners want to spend additional
money on Economic Development that we don't have. 

The solution?  The usual: stick it to the taxpayers. In the

April 29 story, "Finance Director Gay Poor said the county 

could see a 6.6 cent increase in property taxes to cover the deficit as projected."  
Why can't our county government, and our county commissioners,
ever do what citizens and businesses do?  CUT SPENDING!  

We should use this as a "word problem" for 5th grade math in our schools. 

Even our 5th grade math students can do this math. 

Why can't the commissioners?  CUT SPENDING! 

Re: Economic Development - two recent businesses brought more jobs

to the county than any recruited in the past five years by our economic
development department: Tractor Supply Company and Waffle House.  
To my knowledge, they received no economic development incentives,
and did not require that the county develop an industrial business park for them. 

We refuse to learn from history.  In 1680 the powerful French finance minister

Jean-Baptiste Colbert asked French businessmen led by a certain M. Le Gendre 

how the French state could help promote their commerce. Le Gendre replied

 simply "Laissez-nous faire!" ("Leave us alone to do it!") (Wikipedia entry for "Laissez faire.")

Cut county spending. Reduce regulations. Get out of the way.

If Tractor Supply and Waffle House could do it, so can we.  Laissez-Nous Faire!

- Mike McCarthy, Brevard


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