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Mike Scruggs

Retired First Vice President Investments, Smith Barney-Morgan Stanley
Former Business Executive, (Manufacturing, Personnel, Financial) and Air Force Intelligence Officer.
and Air Commando. Decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, DFC, PH
Appointed by Governor of North Carolina to Board of Commissioners of North Carolina Department of 
Military and Veterans Affairs.2013 to present.
Former Chairman of the Board of Westminster Christian School, Alabama
Founding Board Member of Alabama Prepaid College Tuition Fund, appointed by Governor.
President, North Carolina State University Humanities Foundation (1972-1974)
Author of two books: Lessons from the Vietnam War, 2009 and The Un-civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths, 2011.


To Live and Die in Dixie: The Struggle Continues by 17 Southerners including Mike Scruggs

The Morrill Tariff, Northern Provocation to Southern Secession           

copyright 2014, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Columbia, TN

          ISBN 978-0-9863010-1-8 Paperback

          ISBN 978-0-9863010-0-1 Hardback

Table of Contents,

Click on Title to see Letter, Column or Series

America For sale

American Survival Priorities

But What If There Is a God?

Civilization Jihad in Germany

Counterfeit Compassion

Conquest by Islamophobia Hate Speech Laws

Forgotton Americans

Government for Robber Barons or the People? Special Interst Driven Presiden tial Politics 2016

Impoverishing America


Islam and the Quran

Jihad by Deception and Infiltration

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

Lessons from Paris

Morrill Tariff

Muslim Brotherhood

Nine Million More Immigrant voters by 2016?

Obama's "Syrian" Refugee Resettlement Plans

Political Earthquake in Raleigh

Polling for Moderate Muslims

Robert E. Lee, Gallant Soldier, Noble Patriot, True Christian

Sex Scandals, Politics, and False Flags

Sorting Out Political Weasels


The Confederate Battle Flag -- The Battle for Historical Truth vs Politically Correct Hysteria

The Confederate Battle Flag -- The Struggle for Historical Truth

The Consequences of Amnesty, the Catastrophic Mulitplier Effect

The Deathblow to Darwinian Evolution

The Devil Hath Been Raised in Salem

The Forgotten Victims of Cheap Foreign Labor

The Islamic Invasion of Europe

The Muslim Brotherhood's Stealth Jihad against America

The Sexual Spoils of Jihad

The Teutoburg Forest Massacre

   Part 1

   Part 2

   Part 3

   Part 4

   Part 5

The Tide of a Great Battle Has Turned

Trojan Horses 1

Unmentioned Consequences of Refugee Resettlement

   Part 1

   Part 2 Transformation and Dispossession

Unwelcome G.W. Bush Legacies

  Part 1 Illegal Immigrants, Amnesties, Fairytale Islam, Naive Foreign Policy, Political Correctness

What Americans Must Know to Survive

Who Cares about American Workers?

Whom the gods would destroy, they first made mad

Will Freedom Survive? Have Super-PACs and Dark Money Stolen or Birthright?