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Mychal Massie


RANDOM RANTS: I Was Right Then And I Am Right Now  By Mychal Massie Copyright 2013 

Blacks Are Victims: Because They're Told They Are By Mychal Massie Copyright 2015 

A Ham Sandwich Could Beat Hillary and Sanders

America Needs Leadership

Another Sex Prison: "How Many Are In Your Neighborhood?"

Associated Press and Fox News: Obamacare Agitprop

Ben Carson Must Not Get Keys To Oval Office

Ben Carson's Thin Skin

Black Appeasers Erasing History of America

Black - Crime Explosion: America's Worst city Revealed by Otway Burns

Black Victimology Is a Cheap Suit

Blacks Don't Want Factual History They Want Pity

Change for America Starts In Home

Chicago's Black Star Project, Synonym for Hypocrisy

Children With Homosexual Parents Speaking Out

CNBC Debate Moderators More Like ABC's "The View"

Congressional Republicans Are Worse Than Democrats

Convenient Lie Believed by Obama's Black Supporters

Cultural Marxists and the Racial Divide

Demand Senate Republicans Not Let Obama Name Scalia's Successor

Did King Mean What They Say Now? -- From My Vault

Do Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett - Smith Deserve Oscar for Being Black

Don't Be Fooled By Jeb Bush DoubleSpeak

Easter: More Than A Word

End All Skin-Color Based Programs

Every Administration and New Desk Covered Up For McCain

Factual History is on Trump's Side

FDR: A Man - Obama: Enemy of America

Five Facts About Race

Fleecing the Flock - The Truth About the Lie of Kwanzaa

FoxNews: Unfailr and Unbalanced

Gestapo Cartel of Karl Rove, Reince Priebus, and Establishment Republicans

God is Supreme Not a Court

Hey Barry: Should We Be Afraid of Muslim Women Now?

Hillary Clinton: Embarrassment To Herself -- Traitor To America

I Refuse To Be Politically Correct

I Warned You About Fox News

If Government Healthcare Fails Vets - It will Fail Us

If Kerry Deserved Prosecution Then, What Does He Deserve Now?

If Rand Paul "Worst Possible Candidate" What's John McCain

If the Foundations Be Destroyed

Is Obama of Sound Mind?

Is This the Real Homosexual End Game?

It's Not Guns: It's Big Pharma

It's Unfair Black Quarterback Didn't Win Super Bowl

Let's Talk About Black History Month

Mainstream Media: Cultural Marxist Race Mongers

Making Babies Doesn't Make You a Father

Maybe Blacks Would Be Happier Back In The Jungle

McCain Consistent In Attacks on Conservative Interests

Mark Levin Was Spot On at CPAC

Mass Killings: Are "Big Pharma" and Obama Military Involved?

Mizzou Students Abandon Opportunity in Support of Lies

Morbidly Black

MSNBC: Must Dump Sharpton

Muslim Sympathizer Ignores Facts

My Thoughts on Muhammad Ali

NY Times Editorial Board Imply Blacks Too Stupid For Thinking Jobs

Obama Attacks Second Amendment but Rewards Illegals

Obama Idolizes Killers At Planned Parenthood

Obama Shows His True Colors During Charleston Speech

Obama Tells Town Hall, God Supports Sin

Obama Woman Has Done Nothing For Black Youth?

Obamacare: Crutch For the Irresponsible

Obama's Criminal Defiance

Obama's Legacy: A Story of Cudda' Been

Offended by the Truth

Omnibus Bill Wasn't Enough, Ryan Shafting Us Again

Pam Geller Is American Hero

Pledge of Allegiance: American Not Muslim

Priebus and Ryan Curtsy to Muslims

Public Schools: Overpaid Teachers and Uneducated Students

Raynard Jackson: "Shaking Down" The Republican Tree

Rosa Parks Was No Hero

Sharpton Avoids Me By Hiding Behind Hannity and O'Reilly

Sharpton "Blackens" Academy Awards

Slaves Had More Dignity Than Blacks Today

Stand Up or get Run Over

TEA Party People Are "N" Word to GOP Elitists

The Difference Between the Democrats and Republicans

The ‘Herman Caining’ of Ted Cruz Has Begun

The Historical Illitercy of Blacks

The Improper Role of Government

The Truth About Blacks

They Hate Me Because I Am Free and They Aren't

Time To Abandon Republican Party: They've Abandonded Us

Tonya Reaves Not Black Enough For Obama-Sharpton

Trump Reminds Rove of Ross Perot

Trump Stared Down FoxNews

Unbelief is Destroying America

Voters Must Learn From Past Mistakes

We The People Must Be Aware

What Blacks in America Should Learn From South Africians

What Is Obama?

What Not to Tweet If You're Muslim

What Really Happened in McKinney, Texas

Whites Are Held To Higher Standards Than Blacks

Whoopi Goldberg and Pope: Both Wrong

Why No National Outrage Over Murdered Marines?

Why Were CAIR Terrorist Supporters Invited to SOTU?