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Charles Brindle

Pisgah Forest, NC

Obama Acts Like A King

January 14, 2016 | Vol.130– No.4

Once again, President Obama decrees new laws. As he has on several occasions in the past, he bypasses Congress and issues executive orders that overreach executive branch authority. I predict that his latest decrees will be challenged in court again. Being a former constitutional law “professor” (actually he was a senior lecturer), he should know that only Congress can make laws. His new decrees on gun control could/should have been handled very differently.

We are all concerned about the violence and the threat of terrorism in this country, and the problem needs to be dealt with. Guns are a component of the problem. But why wouldn’t Obama walk up to Capitol Hill and meet with Paul Ryan in a joint effort to craft solutions? Why does Obama not work to form coalitions to solve problems? Why was the problem not dealt with while Obama and the Democrats controlled the Congress?

The reason is that he is in his last year and refuses to spend the time and effort. He will decree what he thinks is right. That’s not the way it works.

We fought a war to extricate ourselves from a king and hopefully in November we will return to the road that our forefathers crafted.

Charles Brendle

Pisgah Forest