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Clint Wilde

Hendersonville, NC

PC World Strikes Again

To the editor: On March 19, more than 1,000 students, their parents and grandparents attended the N.C. Hunter Safety Course, given by the Department of Natural Resources and run by our local game wardens. This took place at a gun club nearby that has sponsored this event for many years.

More than 425 vehicles of all kinds from families of kids from 32 different schools in Western North Carolina were there. Do you know what was missing this year? School buses. Why? It is against the law to transport firearms in a school bus.

These 32 schools have marksmanship programs, and .22 caliber rifles are their ball bats, basketballs and footballs, but the PC world has outlawed their ability to be transported, along with their sportsmen, to events. So, instead of maybe 100 cars and several school buses, 425 cars burned up fuel and polluted the PC world’s environment.

I asked one youngster about his shirt that showed several sports on the back but not the one he was participating in. His answer, “We were not allowed to include a rifle with the picture of a bow and arrow, and bicycle wheels” among other pictured sports paraphernalia. I’ll bet the atheist club can ride the school bus. 

Clint Wilde