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Bill Burnette

Hendrsonville NC

Plenty of other countries 

To the editor:
 For the letter writer who invited those in favor of House Bill 2 to move to a country that has existing laws, religious or otherwise, against LGBT types, I invite you to move to a country that entertains any lifestyle an individual chooses.

Since one writer was appalled that North Carolina might be placed on an international travel ban due to HB2, there must be plenty of countries available to move to. International ban? Good, now maybe our state will no longer be an option for the influx of international types we do not want.

And the writer who praised the honesty and integrity of Hillary Clinton must have been asleep for the past 20-plus years because there's no memory of Hillary's clouded past — her dismal record as secretary of state, Arkansas resident long enough for Slick Willie to fulfill his governorship and POTUS duties, moved to New York so she could represent the elite who relieved her 'poverty' (Arkansas was glad to see her leave), failed to act during the Benghazi attack and let Americans die.

And remember, anytime The New York Times gives a thumbs-up to someone, you know he/she is not good for our country. 

Bill Burnette