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Rich Miller

Rich Miller


ACT 4/6/13

Dollars spent on the innocent are well-spent
n the article “Rivals prepare for abortion ban battle” (AC-T, April 1), Nancy Northrup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights says, “It’s important that the citizens of those states (Arkansas and North Dakota) realize that every dollar spent to defend blatantly unconstitutional laws is taxpayers’ dollars wasted.”

Since when has the battle for the lives of innocent unborn children become a matter of wasting money? I would respond to Ms. Northrup’s comment, “It’s important that the citizens of all the United States of America realize that every dollar spent to defend innocent and helpless human life is taxpayers’ dollars wisely and mercifully invested.”

Our nation was built on the belief that there are certain unalienable rights: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When any nation confuses the order of those three rights and puts anything before the “right to life” and declares the “right to anything” a greater right than the right for innocent human beings to live, that nation has lost its way and its conscience become dangerously seared.

This matter of defending the lives of America’s unborn is not an issue of wasting money. It’s an issue of defending the innocent that have no voice. 

Rich Miller, Candler