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Robert King

Robert King


Treating Blacks As Inferior

September 5, 2013 | Vol. 127-No .71

After reading the opinions of readers and the cartoon “I Have a Nightmare” in the Aug. 26 edition of The Transylvania Times, I feel another opinion is warranted. I don’t claim to understand black people better than any other white person, but recently I have been completely baffled by the way liberals and the Democratic Party treat the black race. The party always treats blacks like their disabled children as in the cartoon. The cartoon clearly implies that blacks aren’t smart enough to get a picture identification in order to vote. Notice the cartoon doesn’t imply that white people will have any problem. I worked with a number of blacks and they didn’t seem dim-witted. If I was a black man I would be enraged by this treatment.

It isn’t just The Times that treats blacks as less intelligent than others; even the readers imply the same. As long as black people don’t react, they will be treated as inferior.

Robert S. King