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Rod Dreher

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana February 14, 1967 and raised in the small town of St. Francisville, Dreher holds a B.A. in journalism from Louisiana State University. Dreher is married and the father of three children. He is an American writer and editor. He is a senior editor and blogger at The American Conservative and author of several books, including How Dante Can Save Your Life.


Raised a Methodist, he converted to Roman Catholicism in 1993. He wrote widely in the Catholic press, but covering the Roman Catholic Church’s child sex abuse scandal, starting in 2002, led him to question his Catholicism,[1] and on October 12, 2006, he announced his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy.[2] At the time, Dreher had argued that the scandal was not so much a "pedophile problem", but that the "sexual abuse of minors is facilitated by a secret, powerful network of gay priests" referred to as the Lavender Mafia.[3]

He has written about religion, politics, film and culture in National Review and National Review Online,The Weekly StandardThe Wall Street JournalTouchstoneMen’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, and other publications. He was a film reviewer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and chief film critic for The New York Post. His commentaries have been broadcast on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and he has appeared on CNNFox NewsMSNBCCourt TV and other television networks.[1]