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Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins 

ACT 12/7/13 

Reader wonders whatever happened to Christmas
grew up celebrating Christmas.

Apparently we wished everyone a “Merry Christmas” without offending them. Although it is the birth of Christ, those who weren’t “of the faith” expressed the same wish because it wasn’t about a religion to them. It was about the spirit of a season that was magical to children and a symbol of peace.

In the age of tolerance there seems to be none for Christmas. Our culture has attempted to neuter Christmas by referring to it as a mere holiday. What’s more offensive: the part about “peace on earth” or the “good will toward men” rhetoric? In 1870, when Congress made Christmas a federal holiday, did they attempt to establish an unconstitutional national religion or plainly recognize a heartfelt national sentiment?

My point is not to make anyone uncomfortable or convert them to any particular religious system of beliefs. My point is more of a dream to restore Christmas to its original place in our lives. I also hope that businesses, stores and people won’t be offended by its name or meaning. Last but not least, I’d love to hear people proclaim once again without fear, “Merry Christmas to you.’’ 

Stephen Collins, Asheville