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Anthony Jeric

The demonization of CO2 

To the editor:
 Regarding the March 10 article “CO2 Not Primary Cause of Warming”: Bravo, Scott Pruitt, our new EPA head. At last we have a federal official who dares to tell the truth. The Associated Press showed its bias by only considering scientists who claim CO2 is the primary cause of warming.

The AP could have considered a few of the numerous whistle-blowers by searching YouTube for “Climate Hoax.” By watching the insightful lectures and interviews given by Drs. Ball, Goldberg, Christie, Curry, Spencer, Tol, Dyson, Shaviv, Carter, Giaever, Happer, Moore (Patrick not Michael), Salby and Michaels, the AP would have discovered that the demonization of CO2 is a sham, assuming the videos have not been purged.

The AP’s dogmatic perpetuation of CO2 falsehoods only perpetuates the claim that the media is an enemy of the people. 

Anthony Jeric