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Boyd Peyton

They blame availability 

To the editor:
 A liberal letter writer, displaying the typical insufferable sense of superiority, ridiculed the “gun nuts” who can’t grasp that it’s the easy availability of guns that causes murders. It’s been ever thus.

No doubt there were liberal Neanderthals who maintained that it was the easy availability of rocks that caused murders back then. Later, it was the availability of stone knives and spears and, later still, the availability of swords and battle axes; all sorts of “implements of death” have caused murders.

These are the same folks who won’t identify terrorists but say they can keep guns out of terrorists’ hands. The same folks who refuse to control the border, not caring who comes in. The same folks who can’t keep guns from Chicago teenagers. The same folks who put great effort into making nuclear weapons available to the Iranians, who reveal every day “the hatred in their hearts.” Now they can kill millions at a time.


Boyd Peyton