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Monseigneur Tony Anatrella


"It is also" Monseigneur, "that is to say, Prelate of His Holiness honorary" 3 . Without being bishop, he enjoys the use of the title, that is, as recalled in the biblical scholar Philippe Lefebvre "an honorary title linked to its various functions in the Vatican" 4 .

He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Ethics Review and moral theology "Supplement" 5 .

He is also consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Family 6 and Special Adviser on drugs and drug addiction with the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Health Care Workers , Rome 5 .

In 2010 he was appointed expert member of the Commission of Inquiry into the alleged phenomena of Marian apparitions in Medjugorje 7 .

He found in his statements the homosexuality "as [being] an incompletion and a land immaturity of human sexuality [...] It could even be seen as a destabilizing reality for people and society." According to him "gay priests tend to divert their function" purposes narcissistic "," they are in seduction "and" have serious difficulties to $ institutionally in cooperation with others " 9 , 10 . Positions, not recognized outside of the Church, also criticized by other ecclesiastical 11 .

The homosexual nature of Nazi or Marxist ideologies, according to Tony Anatrella, was noted 12 .

He says since 2003 against the Gender Studies ( gender studies in American). According to him, these studies are a sign of "sexual confusion" that influences our societies; this new ideology is "a true semantic manipulation by applying the notion of torque and kinship with homosexuality. " He states that "gender theory is largely diffused by the UN Populations Commission and the European Parliament to force countries to change their legislation and recognize, for example, the homosexual union or homoparenté by adoption of children "(what we call the adoption homoparental ) 15 .

It analyzes the gender studies "based on the concepts of the encyclical of Benedict XVI , Caritas in Veritate  , " 16 , 17 .