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Susan Condon

Brevard, NC


Two Opposing Philosophies (Ethos)

May 4, 2015 | Vol.129– No. 36

Currently, international law is governed by “The Christian Ethos.” This law incorporates “The Good Samaritan,” “The Golden Rule,” “Love your Enemies,” “Trial by Jury,” relays Jesus’ righteous love for mankind, includes “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” offers forgiveness as we forgive others, includes redemption (sins completely forgotten, once confessed), and includes the choice of whether to follow Jesus’ precepts, described in the Bible.

Now what it is not! It is not “a religion.” Instead, it’s based on knowing Jesus, believing in him and following his ways; beyond intellectual understanding (How can you understand unconditional love?). It’s not coerced on would-be believers, does not promote “a pure race.” This is evident in the story that Jesus, a Jew, told about “The Good Samaritan.” Samaritans were hated by 1st century Jews because they were not “a pure race.” Jesus began “a new ethos” of frowning on racial prejudice. It does not teach hatred of those who choose not to follow him, although his heart breaks for their unbelief. It does not see women as second-class citizens (another “ethos” is changed, giving value to women.) It does not believe in the gladiator mind-set, where in 1st century Roman society “men fought to the death of one or the other.” Also, “The Christian Ethos,” operating on Jesus’ precepts described above, allows freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of choice, though Jesus’ messengers follow his command to “Go, preach the Good News.” No one is coerced to accept the message at the point of the sword!

It would be a travesty to have “The Christian Ethos” replaced, worldwide, by “the most radical ethos.” Yet, hatred of “all that represents Christianity,” could usher in this “replacement ethos,” reverting back to “the gladiator mind-set” which would be the undoing of American society, as we know it.

“This replacement ethos” may be subtly being put into place. Time will tell.

Susan A. Condon