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Jim Meyer

Brevard, NC


Warner’s Lap Dog Richard Burr makes excuses for his Anti Trump witch hunt travesty.

Senate Intelligence Committee's inquiry into Russian, Trump Collusion in the 2016 U.S. elections, has to date, spent more than 250 hours interviewing more than 100 individuals (which generated 4,000 transcript pages), with plans to speak with 25 more individuals by the end of October. Our staff has reviewed over 100,000 pages of documents, which equates to 80 plus copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. The Committee has also held 11 public hearings that addressed the Russia threat.

First of all Collusion is not a crime, but what you are doing is! While you have been playing footsy with the DIMM’s with your Witch Hunt, the Russians: have hacked our soldiers phones, Equifax has lost all of our personal financial information, Wasserman-Schultz has breached all National Security Systems with Lap-Tops that do not seem to have a home, NSA has compromised our Cyber-Security to a Russian Hack, Loretta Lynch has made a mockery of our entire legal System, our Ex-President has set up organizations to undermine our elected government, The IRS has been politicized, Susan Rice has misused every security apparatus in the CIA and the Crime Queen of our country, who broke every security measure in our country with her Emails, Staff selections and 87 known felonies!

I almost forgot, the dead DNC staffer.

Richard, if your father knew what you are doing, he would turn over in his grave!