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Joseph Wayne Rumble

Asheville NC


Wayne Rumble

In opposing HB2,

The social progressives have not disappointed again.

Naiveté and idealism are no substitute for propriety and common sense. In a perfect world, there would be no lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender issues, but in dealing with imperfection, mainstream America is expected to embrace any human condition or behavior bordering on the ridiculous, if not celebrate it.

In other words, perfection can be achieved by universal imperfection, critical thinking and principles be damned. And the employee and public relations of some in the business community are so cowardly politically correct ($$$$$), their core values (seem) focused on “anything goes.” They take their lead from politicians who do “anything to get.”

If they choose to withdraw from the state, perhaps we should boycott them to hasten their departure. They can be replaced by those who do not wish to join another flawed social experiment. And not purposely opening the doors of our public restrooms to voyeurism and predators just might be a plus to our tourist business.

Do we dare take a stand for any principle at all?

Wayne Rumble, Asheville