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Wil Irvine

Hendersonville NC

Wil Irvine returned to his roots as a fine artist after retiring from a career in commercial art. His recent work at Narnia Studios, 315 N. Main St., shows his interest and skill in representational studio painting. While most of his work depicts outdoor scenes, he does not paint “en plein air.” As he says, “Monet had a manservant to lug his canvases in and out. I don’t.”

A Canadian-born naturalized American citizen, his art education and career were entirely in this country. At age 14, he began art classes at the Buffalo Art Institute, a creation of the Works Project Administration. He then studied with Mary Margaret Chase, a fellow of the Royal Society of Watercolours who became his primary artistic mentor. Following five years of World War II military service, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine art at Washington University St. Louis.

Wil Irvine

Anatomical differences 

To the editor:
 Way back in the beginning, God created man and woman. I don’t care if you don’t believe that; however, it is true. In this creation process, He endowed each with specific anatomical differences.

To men He gave organic differences than He gave to women. These differences established a sexual separation, i.e., man, woman. With this, we can tell each other apart. It has nothing to do with who you think you are or who you feel you are. It is simply the fact that you have either male or female organs that establishes who you are. And those with male organs use the men’s room and those with female organs use the ladies’ room.

When you lived as a child at home with mother, father, sisters and brothers, you all used the same bathroom, you were a family, and now that you are big people, you do not share the same public toilet facilities, period. 

Wil Irvine