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Conservative Writers

ConservativeWriters is a grass roots movement to change the nature and direction of the public conversation, from one of unbridled entitlement to one of personal responsibility.

Our education system, once the best in the world has been destroyed by an unrelenting dumbing down. First started by John Dewey, and then followed by the New School for Social Research with the final Knock Out Blow from the W.E.B DuBois Society, in cooperation with the AAUW, AFT, NEA and SEIU.

Our Family structure has been damaged beyond recognition by a continuous onslaught from N.O.W., Social Welfare practices of HUD, SNAP, Etc. Abortion Rights groups, The LGBTQ movement, the Perpetual Rabid Feminist movement and the Entertainment Industry.

Our Principles and Values have been weakened by the likes of the ACLU and their continuous attack on religion, particularly those religions which were the backbone of our country. As a substitute, we have been given an Earth Based Universalist religion whose mayor goal seems to be to reduce the World's population by a factor of six while destroying the Global Economy. We have been told that our Constitution is a "Living Document," which needs to be changed to a European style of Socialism. We have been infiltrated by Trotskyites, posing as Neocons and Pragmatists posing as anything other than the chameleons that they are in reality. And finally, we have been granted a Main Stream Media that is so biased that it is nothing more than the water carrier for the left.

Our Free Enterprise, Constitutional form of government is under attack by a non-stop effort to: Re-distribute the Wealth, eliminate the rewards for hard work and make each and every one of us dependent on the government. The first step to Communism is Socialism; the first step to Socialism is Government provided medical care.

 ConservativeWriters does not want your money or financial support. We want you to write and make "YOUR CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE,” the "Heart Beat of the Land."


Jim & Madelyn Meyer              


Henri Etri, Economics Editor