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Gail M Harding

Candler NC


Bathroom bill befuddlement

First came the demand expanding marriage to include same-sex pairs – a new norm! Civil union designation wasn’t sufficient. Folks prophetically cautioned this was just the beginning.

Welcome to Asheville, where the main topic for days has been who gets to use which bathroom: pages of newsprint, hours of talk radio and rallies with singing or shouting. Many out-ofstate people seem concerned about North Carolina’s potty prerogative law.

LGBT community members seek to redefine or expand traditional cultural norms for public restroom use to accommodate self-perception. No longer should a simple he or she designation suffice. Biological reality dictating separate restrooms is discriminatory; perception becomes the determining criteria. Self-identification using Facebook’s 51 new gender options will challenge door sign designations.

Single occupancy restrooms should be an acceptable answer, whether biological or perceived male or female.

The price for “no hurt feelings” might be standing in line. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

If civilization survives the current crisis, history may define this as political correctness run amok in the absence of common sense - a time when minority- secured “protections” caused a majority to lose theirs. That will meet the definition of “an embarrassment.”

Gail Harding, Candler