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Mike Scruggs

Retired First Vice President Investments, Smith Barney-Morgan Stanley
Former Business Executive, (Manufacturing, Personnel, Financial) and Air Force Intelligence Officer.
and Air Commando. Decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, DFC, PH
Appointed by Governor of North Carolina to Board of Commissioners of North Carolina Department of 
Military and Veterans Affairs.2013 to present.
Former Chairman of the Board of Westminster Christian School, Alabama
Founding Board Member of Alabama Prepaid College Tuition Fund, appointed by Governor.
President, North Carolina State University Humanities Foundation (1972-1974)
Author of two books: Lessons from the Vietnam War, 2009 and The Un-civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths, 2011.


To Live and Die in Dixie: The Struggle Continues by 17 Southerners including Mike Scruggs

The Morrill Tariff, Northern Provocation to Southern Secession           

copyright 2014, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Columbia, TN

          ISBN 978-0-9863010-1-8 Paperback

          ISBN 978-0-9863010-0-1 Hardback

But What If There is a God?

Mike Scruggs


The American people have been bamboozled for nearly two generations now into believing that their government can safely ignore God and his moral standards. The underlying presumption of this folly is that the God of the Bible is irrelevant—that there is not really a God at all, or if there is a God, that he is either too impotent or too distant to be concerned with the affairs of men. This humanist philosophy presumes that the wisdom of man is the standard of all things. There is no fear of a God who is all-powerful, all-wise, sovereign over all of nature and the affairs of men, and who is himself the one and absolute standard of truth, good and right.


But what if there is a God?  What if God is the God of the Bible?  Can men or governments safely ignore his teachings?  Would it not be the epitome of arrogant self-righteousness to ignore him and his teachings?  Are we not presuming on his patience in continuing our self-centered delusion? 


“The Fear of the LORD is the Beginning of Wisdom.”—Proverbs 9:10. ESV


One of the chief means of foisting this arrogant presumption on the American people has been the twisted proposition that the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution commands a “separation of church and state.”  People who actually read the First Amendment will search in vain for any such words. They are not there.  People who take a bit of time to study the history of that amendment and the Constitution as a whole will find that what is prohibited is for the federal government to establish an official denomination, such as Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, or Roman Catholic.  Also prohibited to the federal government is preventing the free exercise of religion. 


The Bible does teach that government and the Church in its various denominations have quite different functions and spheres of influence.  The Church may preach salvation and righteousness and admonish against sin, but it must not make or enforce civil law, The Church, with its own due processes, may rebuke or sever a person from their privileges and membership, but it is not given the power of the sword. It cannot enforce the moral law by physical force, incarceration, or fine.  Government may make and enforce civil law, which may be based on moral law or other civil necessities, and it may use physical force, incarceration and fines to do so, but it cannot meddle in the realm of the Church.   Meddling with the teachings, worship, and government of the Church is off limits to civil government.  When Thomas Jefferson used the phrase “a wall of separation” between church and government, he was attempting to assure Baptists that the federal government would not meddle in their teachings, government, and form of worship.  Our religious freedom is not freedom from God.  It is freedom from government meddling in the sphere of the Church.


It is very important to understand that although both the Church and civil government have different spheres of influence and different functions; both the Church and civil government are under the sovereignty of God and are accountable to him.  Hence there can be no separation of God and state, only a separation of the functions of Church and state. All are accountable to God and his moral law. All are accountable to government but God has set its limits, and civil law must conform to God’s moral law.                                     


Yet for more than two generations there has been a steady and increasing drumbeat of humanist dominated media, educational, cultural, judicial, and government voices proclaiming that God is irrelevant and humanist culture should be dominant and government sovereign.  The American people have been bullied, browbeat, and misled into accepting such humanist arrogance. But if there is a God, we cannot safely ignore him.  We dare not establish our notion of justice and government without consulting him.


We were once a nation that acknowledged the God of the Bible as the basis of all truth and justice.  Now we are becoming a nation based on the dangerous proposition that God either does not exist or can be safely ignored.  We have repeatedly thrown the God of justice and mercy out of our courts, the God of truth and wisdom out of our schools, and the God of love, who in the Bible commands obedience to his teachings, out of our government and out of our lives.


The Biblical concept of sin is an uncomfortable concept for secularists. They prefer to define righteousness for themselves.  Modern liberalism, based as it is on humanist or man-centered reason, defines its own moral code in defiance of the God who has spoken through the Bible. Thus it is by definition self-righteous.  Self-righteousness is the most deadly moral poison of all.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn once wrote: “In order for men to do great evil, they must first believe they are doing good.”  Self-righteousness is an extremely slippery slope leading to tyranny and horrendous evil not even recognized by its perpetrators.   As always, self-righteousness bears a gnawing grudge against the righteousness of God. Self-righteousness is largely blind to its own evil, and under its dull eyes evil multiplies and escalates exponentially. It is like a hidden cancer that will eventually manifest itself and consume a people. Forgetting God is a deadly stupor.


Will God suffer such arrogant rebellion and indifference and continue to bless a nation that denies his significance and even his existence?  The God of the Bible is a God of justice.  Patient and loving, he may be, but ultimately he must bring to judgment all violation of truth and righteousness.  Will there be no consequences if we continue on our present course of minimizing and insulting the sovereign God of the universe?  Can those of us who claim to believe in the God of the Bible safely acquiesce to ignoring him? How quick will his judgment come?  Will it be final or corrective?  If corrective, how severe must it be to get our attention? How dare we separate government from the God of all truth and justice?


Can the God who raises up nations and princes and brings nations and princes to the dust be ignored by a nation’s courts, legislatures, civil magistrates, and people?  How secure are our freedoms, our liberties, and our prosperity if we declare that God is insignificant and irrelevant in the affairs of men and nations?  Should not the God of the Bible, the absolute sovereign of the universe, our maker, and sustainer be FIRST in all our deliberations both public and private?  Our answers to these questions will have profound consequences.


“I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior.”—Isaiah 43:11. ESV