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Ken Rash

Hendersonville, NC

December 31, 2015

Letter to the editor

Clinton’s War on Women

As the Iowa caucuses approach, the political rhetoric has become more strident, shrill and sexist. The loudest voice in this furious fray is Hillary Clinton’s. She will continue to use her gender as a sword and shield to become president. Any criticism, regardless of its validity, will be spun as sexist toward the Republicans and all who would oppose her. Yet no one in memory more illustrated a war on women than Bill Clinton. And during Bill’s”bimbo eruptions,” (a term Mr. Clinton’s Arkansas fixer Betsey Wright used to describe the women who had affairs with Bill) Hillary stood by her man and severely vilified all of his victims. “She called Monica Lewinsky” a narcissistic loony tune.” And yet as recently as this September Mrs. Clinton “declared that” every survivor of sexual assault” has” the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed”. In summation, all of this is just a confirmation of a simple and dangerous truth. If Hillary is elected, she will have a separate set of rules for liberals, for conservatives and, of course, for the Clintons. Heaven help us all.


Ken Rash