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Mychal Massie


RANDOM RANTS: I Was Right Then And I Am Right Now  By Mychal Massie Copyright 2013 

Blacks Are Victims: Because They're Told They Are By Mychal Massie Copyright 2015 

Do Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith Deserve Oscar for Being Black

by Mychal Massie on January 20, 2016 in Daily RantEconomy & FinancesRace & Politics 1.

Spike Lee, the pigeon-toed elfish race-monger and Jada Pinkett-Smith are stirring the caldron of victimology by claiming their skin color means they should automatically get an Academy Award. They are boo-hooing like puerile spoiled and privileged super-rich children who are playing the race card being black wasn’t enough to merit them an Academy Award nomination.

In the absence of any ground to stand on pursuant to their bratty spoiled Hollywood super rich tantrum they are calling for a boycott of the Academy Awards. That exercise in futility should tell everyone all that they need to know about these two super-rich zealots. They are selfishly interested only in themselves and they feel entitled to the point of wanting to spoil everyone else’s evening to satisfy their desire to be spiteful.

The fact that they feel people can be so easily led through the nose, as to behave like Pavlovian trained seals is further emblematic of their disconnect with reality.

So what if none of the nominees are black. Are they now going to demand affirmative action movies? Are we going to see Obama issue executive orders to mandate that for every white nominee there must be two black nominees? Are we going to see Sharpton demand that there must be a special afri-movie category? Are Lee and Pinkett-Smith going to demand special awards for blacks only? Are we on the cusp of the “outstanding black whatever” awards? And may I ask, can we expect dissension if more light-skin black actors were to win than dark-skin black actors? I say – get over it!

Legendary actors such as: Dana Andrews, Peter Lorre, John Barrymore, James Mason, Eddie Cantor, Joel McCrea, Adolphe Menjou, Zero Mostel, Errol Flynn, Glenn Ford, Noel Coward, Joseph Cotten, Bruce Willis, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Edward G. Robinson, and Tyrone Power, to mention but a very small number not only never won an oscar but they were never nominated for the award.

Contests, if they are to be fair and impartial, can only be viewed as rejection-based. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. What is so difficult to understand about that?

The truth is that it isn’t hard to understand at all; it’s just more convenient and advantageous to pretend not to understand it. That way gullible blacks are kept in a state of apoplectic agitation and in a perpetual state of victimhood.

The bigoted racism of Lee and Pinkett-Smith is transpicuous. And the most tragic aspect of their embracing victimology is that they are blind to the fact that said ideology reduces them to a selfish, loathsome, self-defeating and self-alienating people unworthy of respect.

It is a fate comparable to death to have a people so completely dependent on being a color for their self-worth. When will the day arrive that blacks take pride in being Americans? When will the day arrive when blacks are proud to be outstanding students with the majority being raised in two-parent homes instead of blaming the white man for their living in squalor? When will the day arrive that the majority of black children actually know who their father is and the father actually lives in the home with them?

How long before blacks realize that it is pets that are provided cages, food and expected to perform for their masters whenever they are instructed to? Public housing, food stamps, constantly being told they should be angry, encouraged to live their lives as if slavery and Jim Crow still existed, filled with resentment and antipathy – this is not the mindset of a free people. Nor is it the mindset emotionally and spiritually free people are saddled with. Yet that is precisely the mindset that the likes of Lee and Pinkett-Smith are fomenting.

I have said it many times: The only place blacks accept meritocracy is on the athletic field.

Hollywood isn’t prejudice and it isn’t racist. It is ruthlessly competitive. Where is the value and self-worth from receiving a prize because you are the skin color du jour? Where is the pride in knowing that you received an award not because you were the best, but because you were a color?

At the end of the day these people aren’t acting in the interest of blacks because nothing of value is rendered. They are being petulant in accordance with their own self-interest and their thirst for money, prominence. and power.

Thankfully for them there are enough mindless people who are happy to be misled and used. At what point will blacks as a people awaken to the reality that there are more important things they need to focus on than an award for a movie the majority of whom would need to use their food stamp money and/or welfare check to go see?