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Feel Good Politics

Henri Erti
Blue Ridge Now
June 23, 2017

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords exemplifies political courage in times of “feel-good-politics.”

Paris Accords were non-binding and voluntary commitments per country basis, which means potential policy proposals would be as futile as Paris Accords’ predecessors Kyoto and Copenhagen. Simple game theory proves that when there is no binding agreement or a credible threat of breaking agreement (say voluntary fossil fuel reduction initiative), the incentive to negate on such promises is very high. Furthermore, the benefits of living up to the commitments in the unlikely scenario that everyone else would do the same are very small for the U.S.

Just because the U.S withdrew from this “show accord” doesn’t mean that American entrepreneurs are forbidden to engage in alternative energy industries. Environmental activists seem to assume that any business idea related to sustainability would require some sort of filing with intergovernmental agencies.

Admittedly, smug Europeans tend to have this bizarre fetish of waiting for government to endorse something, whereas in America if there is profit to be made in, say, making solar panels, individuals will produce them.

Trump is not interested in nor obligated to sponsor German/French/Italian/etc. solar panel manufacturers at the expense of American citizens. Neither should you.



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Added by Jim

The fact that the free market is: faster, smarter and always more correct than the government sponsored tweekers, is somehow lost on the hords of utopian minded bureaucrats who call themselves economists! If they would only get a real job, where they produced something of value rather than try to force the world to reshape itself into their latest abstract mirage.
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